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005 Stay Focused While Writing - AMV NaNoWriMo18 Edition

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Day 5 of NaNoWriMo we learn about the why, the how, and some tools that will help you to stay focused when writing.

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How to keep your focus while writing

Welcome to day 5 of NaNoWriMo. Let's review the why, the how, and some tools to help you stay focused when writing.

By now if you're doing NaNoWriMo you've

Today it's time to get yourself focused while writing.

This strategy will keep you on track for the rest of the month.
Doing NaNo is more like a marathon than a sprint. You're going to want something that'll keep you motivated when you can no longer see the starting line and the finish line is not yet in sight.

Why do we need to focus?

Pool example.

Using a good focus process will help you reach your word count goals each day. To get all of your writing goals where you want them to be, start with getting one idea into focus in a way that makes it simple to execute. Once you have done that, then picking another idea and repeating the process is much easier. Before long you'll have your first draft coming along quite nicely.

FOCUS = Follow One Course Until Successful.

Some people think that writers are naturally mature enough to set a goal to write something and to get it done. LOL
Writers use stick and carrot rewards. A.k.a. positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. You may also refer to these as bribery and threats.

As any moderately tech-savvy person has discovered, there's an app for that. The struggles of writing have been gamified for us.

Written? Kitten!


Set word counts at either 100, 200, 500, 1000 words and see a cute animal once you reach your goal.

Fighter's Block


Write to the word the limit and before the time limit to beat an enemy. If you stop writing you lose XP!

Write or Die


The OG writing tool of consequence for slacking off.

Whatever method you choose, get those word sprints in!

Have you used one of these online tools? I'm curious to know which type of focus tool you prefer.

Bribe-I mean, positive incentive, or a negative consequence?

Let me know on Twitter @amadvox.
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