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013 Adjust Your Expectations During the Week - AMV NaNoWriMo18 Edition

Episode Summary

We're getting closer and closer to THE MIDDLE. This episode is about adjusting expectations to get you halfway through your novel whether or not you hit that point by the 15th of the month.

Episode Notes

Adjust your expectations during the week

Time. It plays tricks on your mind and makes us as writers and creative types feel some kind of way when things don't happen as expected. Usually, it leads to feeling insecure about our ability and otherwise disappointed when we don't make as much progress as we wanted. This is normal. Don't let that feeling you may be having right now discourage from moving forward.

An added challenge to you, in addition to writing 50,000 words in a month is adjusting your expectations and keeping on writing.

Here are a few tips to get you through to the halfway point while writing on a weekday or weeknight:

  1. Write in scenes, not in words.

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown The Broadway Musical - Short version Book Report song (via YouTube)
| Broadway version of the Book Report Song (via YouTube). Be LIke Schroeder in your writing style!

  1. The path to success doesn't look like a straight line.

  2. Take advantage of the time you have available to write.

All of this is to say don't worry about not having enough hours available each day to write. Give yourself a shorter amount of time to write. Doing several of this sprints will likely be a more effective use of your time.

If you are a NaNoWriMo first-timer I'm curious to know

Are you feeling the pressure to write the exact same amount of words each day? If you've completed NaNoWriMo before, what is one thing that you do during the week that keeps your writing schedule on track to crush your writing goal?

Let me know on Twitter by using the hashtag #amadvox and I'll check it out.

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