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025 Let's Get Through This Homestretch - AMV NaNoWriMo18 Edition

Episode Summary

This is the 25th day of NaNoWriMo. This episode is all about how to get through the home stretch with your sanity intact!

Episode Notes

Let's get through this homestretch

This is the 25th day of NaNo. 25 days! Only 6 more to go including today. And you would think that you'd be used to the pattern of writing and ready to zoom through the finish line, right?

Yeah, about that. This episode is all about how to get through the home stretch with your sanity intact!

With only a few days left and the finish line almost within sight, it's really easy to start doing things that can sabotage your progress and otherwise demoralize you in terms of your writing productivity.

Now if you find yourself doing these things it's not the end of the world, but you'll get through your novel a little bit faster if you focus on the writing.

Three tips

  1. Remember to take care of your health. This includes staying hydrated, eating regular meals, and taking frequent writing breaks to reset your posture, rest your hands, and give your eyes a break.

  2. Avoid compulsively checking your word count. Now, if you're anything like someone we know you're going to do this anyway. The trick is to tie your word count check to a sprint.

  3. Once you hit 50K, Be sure that you validate your novel on the site. Hitting that is an accomplishment and you deserve all of the accolades. The NaNoWriMo website wants to give you a special award!

Be sure to congratulate others as they cross the finish line.

I'm curious to know what other tips you have for getting through this homestretch. Let me know in a comment on this episode's show notes page -- podcast.amadvox.com/025_nanowrimo18. For reference, this is episode 25 or on Twitter at #amadvox.

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